Emergency Arduino Crash Course – Software (Windows)


So, you need program an Arduino NOW? In a hurry to get started? Not interested in boring lectures? You’re in the right place. The Emergency Arduino Crash Course series starts IMMEDIATELY.

I will assume you are using an Arduino Uno, but this series applies to any common Arduino/Genuino unit.

1. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

AKA “Code Editor”. For most people, the standard Arduino IDE is enough. You can download it here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

If you don’t know what you’re doing, go ahead and select Windows Installer. I still don’t trust their online IDE since Philippine ISPs are known to be unreliable.

Make sure to select “Windows Installer”, unless you’re a pro.

If you have already used the Arduino IDE before, you will see a warning about an existing installation. It’s safe unless you have modified your installation (e.g. added libraries in Program Files).

IDE Already Insalled
IDE Already Installed

Finally, you can go ahead with the installation.

After installation, start the Arduino IDE, and go to Tools -> Ports

Arduino IDE No Port
Arduino IDE – No Port

Wait, why can’t I select any port? Why is it gray? You may need drivers.

Continue reading if you have driver issues, or skip to Part 2 of this series – Arduino 101

2. Drivers

If the Arduino IDE cannot detect your device, you might need drivers. If you’re on Windows 10, it might be installed automatically. Check Device Manager.

Arduino Uno - Driver Not Installed
Detected, but no drivers

Not installed? Two choices:

  • 1. Download it here (most common ones):
  • 2. Use the built-in Windows online driver database (recommended). See below.
    • Some devices are not in the online database (e.g. CP2102)
Update Driver
Right Click -> Update Driver -> Search Automatically -> Close


Now that you’re done installing the Arduino IDE and your board’s drivers, it’s time to read the second part of the series: Arduino 101.


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