Leaked BootROM / iBoot source code

Despite the title, most can’t compile this since there are missing build tools. This is just mostly source code.

However, you can use this for research purposes (e.g. finding vulnerabilities). New jailbreak methods are always pretty cool.

One thing I find interesting is the docs/ directory. It contains info that can be used as a starting point.

Source Code Link:


How severe was this leak?

It’s one of the biggest leaks in recent history for Apple, according to the Daily Mail.

Also, look at what happened to the Github pages that attempted to publish it:


However, according to Apple, this isn’t that severe since most of the code is tied to iOS 9.

But in any case, having parts of your most protected software leaked is grave. I’m fairly sure most can see through Apple’s attempts to downplay the issue.

WooCommerce Booster Plus 3.3.0 – Nulling Procedure

For someone who is just starting an online business, some plugins that have the stuff I need are simply too expensive (for now).

Downloading a nulled copy of Booster Plus online from shady sites isn’t really the best option. There’s a lot of fakes that will infect your site (for example, VestaThemes will infect your site with¬†wp-vcd).

What I then did was download a clean copy from a GPL site, and null it myself. Quite easy to be honest.

I do not support piracy. I’ll buy the full plugin once I’ve made enough. Always support the developers.

WooCommerce Booster Plus 3.3.0 – Nulling Procedure

1. Acquire clean copy of Booster Plus. Oh, I have one here: booster-plus-for-woocommerce.zip
——This is unmodified. I’ve already tested this on a test site, scanned with GravityScan. It’s clean.
2. Edit booster-plus-for-woocommerce/includes/plus/class-wcj-plus-site-key-manager.php
3. Find function is_site_key_valid(). Replace return statement with return true;

4. Go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Booster Plus for WooCommerce
5. Click “Manage site key”
6. Enter any site key. I used 123456789. Save changes.
7. On top, it should say “Error: Wrong key”, but status should be green (left edge color). Dismiss the message.
—— If it’s red, you failed.

Booster Plus Nulled Success Status
Booster Plus Nulled Success Status

8. Profit.


This should get rid of that pesky warning message.