Arduino Pro Micro (5V/16MHz)


The mini version of an Arduino Leonardo, this native-USB capable board packs a lot of features and performance for its size.

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Ever wanted/used an Arduino Leonardo? Or, have you ever wanted to emulate a USB device (Mouse or Keyboard)? Need a smaller size? Maybe the Arduino Pro Micro is for you.

Featuring an ATMega32u4, this cute but powerful package is a downsized Arduino Leonardo.

It already has everything you need to start programming, simply plug it into a computer and set the Arduino IDE to use an Arduino Leonardo. No UART cables needed!

Arduino Pro Micro Specifications:

  • ATmega32U4 running at 5V/16MHz
  • Supported under Arduino IDE v1.0.1
  • On-Board micro-USB connector for programming
  • 9 x 10-bit ADC pins
  • 12 x Digital I/Os (5 are PWM capable)
  • Rx and Tx Hardware Serial Connections
  • Our Smallest Arduino-Compatible Board Yet!
  • 1.3×0.7″

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